Aromatherapy Shaving Oil Trio
Aromatherapy All Natural Shaving Oil Trio
3 x 100 ml.

1. Bay, Rosemary, Lime & Lemon

Blended with Peach Kernel Oil. A beautifully uplifting & invigorating fragrance; a herbal base with fresh citrus overtones.
Essential oils of bay laurel, rosemary, lime & lemon create a clean, uplifting aroma. Peach kernel oil nourishes and softens skin.

2.  Sweet Fennel, Black Pepper & Bergamot

Blended with Peach Kernel Oil. An invigorating, herbal & fresh fragrance; an aniseed base from the Sweet Fennel, with warming Black Pepper, finished with Bergamot bringing refreshing citrus overtones.

3. Spearmint & Grapefruit

Blended with Peach Kernel Oil. An uplifting, fresh & clean fragrance. Essential oils of Spearmint & Grapefruit create a crisp menthol & citrus blend.
Ideal for a morning shave.

All natural & additive free - no chemical preservatives, parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrance.

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Aromatherapy Shaving Oil Trio

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