Aromatherapy Cornucopia Bath Oil

Aromatherapy Cornucopia Aromatherapy Floral Blend Bath Oil.

100 ml.

A pure Aromatherapy blend made with nourishing skin oils & essential oils.

Relax & unwind in a romantic, floral aroma, softening the skin & uplifting the senses.

With pure Sweet Almond & Peach Kernel Oils to soften, nourish & moisturise skin

'Cornucopia', a fabulous floral bouqet of Lavender, Palmarosa & Rose.

All natural ingredients & chemical & additive free.

 Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil; Peach Kernel Oil; Essential Oils of Palmarosa, Lavender & Rose.



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Aromatherapy Cornucopia Bath Oil

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